iMetalx team has expertise in Titanium parts design, engineering, manufacturing methods and metallurgy.

Team has experience in developing novel titanium casting, titanium welding and advanced manufacturing methods reducing cost while improving performance for Fortune 50.

ARPA-e selected iMetalx for a project undertaking Electrowinning of Titanium using Alternative Ores ($3.5M). Project involved scaling up an advanced electrochemical process to produce low-cost titanium from domestic ore. While titanium is a versatile and robust structural metal, its widespread adoption for consumer applications has been limited due to its high cost of production. Key objective was to optimize electrochemical titanium production without the formation of undesired titanium ions, which past efforts have not been able to perform successfully followed by testing different cell designs, reducing unwanted side reactions to increase energy efficiency, and minimizing the heat loss that occurs when processing titanium. By developing a scalable and stable electrochemical cell, iMetalx could significantly reduce the costs and energy consumption associated with producing titanium. New titanium production method could reduce CO2 emissions by over 80% compared to conventional titanium production. Expanding the use of more affordable titanium and other light metals to reduce structural weight could result in fuel cost savings for commercial and military vehicle and aircraft applications.