Nehal is a technology entrepreneur with over 19 years of experience in taking innovative technologies from vetting novel technologies to prototype and fund raising for commercialization. As an entrepreneurial leader in renewables, power generation and IT space, she has shepherded growth from vision, vetting, business development, intellectual property strategy, negotiations, fund raising and small expert team formation to large OEM execution. Nehal was selected by U.S. Department of State to attend Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES2017) in Hyderabad, India as a U. S. Delegate. She brings a wealth of expertise in market research and customer discovery, financial modeling including DCF and enterprise value. In software industry, her experience encompasses leading development of customized CRM, SCM, web, e-commerce, automation and mobile applications (iOS) and hosting. In renewable energy domain, her expertise spans from rigorous levelized cost of energy (LCOE) economics, global energy policy trends, feed-in tariffs to roadmap non-obvious and low-risk trajectory for market entry, intellectual property strategy and negotiations including joint venture to legal and intellectual property (IP) arrangements with university research labs (Bayh Dole), government testing facilities (NREL, INL) and DOD Partners (Navy-CRADA) in US and Europe. In power generation domain, she is well-versed with implementing jet engine technologies to industrial gas turbines and streamlining design and manufacturing process.

Nehal applies her experience to stay open and curious to discover truth and understand the problem in all its dimensions of technology, people –team, stakeholders, investors, economics and investment, legal and industry eco-system. Using her straight-forward approach and ability to quickly grasp advanced concepts, she focuses on delivering on OKRs. Nehal’s ability to lead cross-functional, cultural and private-public teams and partnerships internationally have been a catalyst to grow and traverse new trajectories for companies. She brings economics, finance, technical and business development expertise to bear on her teams to generate roadmaps, build consensus and strategic execution. Nehal is able to win the respect of world renowned experts quickly and able to recruit them to join her team with her sincerity, strength of logic, creativity, straight-forward and fair approach as demonstrated in each of her engagements. Nehal has founded four technology startups with no debt and positive cashflows from OEM sales, government funding and partnerships. Under Nehal, we won ARPA-e award ($2M) for titanium production process innovation working with Carnegie Mellon University, Idaho National Lab, University of Cambridge UK, and University of California, Berkeley.

At Dehlsen Associates, she helped win $15M through government funding to advance renewable energy technologies from concept (TRL 2) towards commercialization (TRL 5). She helped build a portfolio of novel technologies for alternative energy technologies. The portfolio contained solar PV, energy efficiency (smart meter), energy storage (frequency regulation and bulk), distributed generation (CHP, hydrogen power with moonbrick), oil spill containment and transfer, ocean current energy, wave energy (multi-megawatt baseload power), desalination and building technologies. Her commercialization path planning extended from deep techno-economics driven derisking, feasibility, patents, licensing, tech transfer, partnership, permitting (FERC, BOEMRE, PUC, certification through DNV/Garrad-Hassan) to lobbying efforts in UK-TSB, RDAs and US OWET, OREC, etc. leading to two strategic partnerships.

Prior to that, Nehal was selected by US Venture Partners ($600M fund) to lead/vet their solar thermal business plan where through customer discovery she led a pivot in distributed generation in food industry. With her leadership, Mechanical Solutions and Services Inc. became Siemens preferred supplier with offices in Florida and India executing on a multi-year, multimillion dollar agreement within three years with 250 FTE pipeline from other OEMS. At Siemens, she helped transform engineering process for turbine vane design using six-sigma (DFSS) with global stakeholders to successfully reduce time to market from 3 years to 18 months. Prior to that, Nehal cofounded Forte Interactive, Inc. (now Achieve) and as its vice president of business development she increased average project revenue by 400%. Achieve remains a web solutions provider serving clients with digital marketing and customized CRM, SCM web applications. At Agilis Group, Nehal developed software integrated with ANSYS to automate a complex structural and non-linear thermal analysis from 6 months to a week and implemented stage-gate process to drive technology innovations. Nehal was a CAD-CAM-CAE implementation engineer for SDRC working with Cisco Systems on the BFR router design and Rockwell International on automation of transformer design in San Francisco bay area. Her role helped increased SDRC sales significantly. At Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), she researched the use of pneumatically controlled helmholtz resonators for jet engine noise reduction.

While at SDRC, Nehal worked in Japan with Nissan and Toyota. She was the first and only female engineer to be selected to work in the SDRC’s Japan office. Nehal is a culture catalyst. As a team member in Japan, she changed the culture of the Japan office within six months to be more inclusive and diverse, and in the process built lifelong friendships. Well-liked by her colleagues, Nehal is an effective facilitator and consensus builder in crucial and challenging team dynamics environments.

Nehal has a Bachelor of aerospace engineering degree from Georgia-Tech and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon. Nehal lives in San Francisco and enjoys sailing, aikido, snowboarding and hiking.


Alex has over 25 years of innovation and inventions in unmanned autonomous undersea vehicles, vertical flight aircraft, military jet engines, propulsion, and alternative energy systems winning numerous awards since high school. As CEO of an Energy Startup, he oversaw a $6M funded R&D investment from a Fortune 5 company on a collaborative effort to develop an Underwater Data Center system architecture, advanced cooling and renewable power schemes. Acted as Project lead having developed the key patents and system architecture. Successfully designing, integrating, deploying and run for several months off the coast of California. As CTO of a renewable energy company Alex was able to garner 8 DOE awards totaling over $22M USD as Principal Investigator leading the technical due diligence effort for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Investment. and renewable power schemes. As CTO, he was responsible for developing a suite of Marine Hydrokinetic programs ranging from Ocean Currents, Tidal and Wave energy. Oversaw energy storage, diesel, solar, advanced drivetrain and propulsion programs. Principal Investigator of 8 Federal DOE grants, 1 State grant and 2 Strategic Investments (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries- MHI and Fortune 5).

Prior to that, as a Hardware Engineering Manager at General Electric (GE), Alex managed a team of 20 Mechanical and Electrical Engineers in addition to being Homeland Security Cost-Out Leader for three divisions and one of five members on the Mechanical Technology Council to develop airport and marine port explosive detection. As a GE Top Talent, Alex received a number of Management Awards. At MSS, he co-founded an advanced aerospace engineering services firm specializing in Industrial Gas Turbines with 10-15 employees located in the US and India. Customers included Flextronics, Siemens and Lockheed Martin.

In 2003, Alex became Lockheed Martin/Perry Technologies’ youngest Staff Mechanical Engineer and led the $6.5 million Advanced Development Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) Project, as well as the $2 million UUV test bed, with a team of 10 engineers responsible for technical, budget and schedule oversight; this work included novel manufacturing (Titanium Rapid Casting Pressure Vessels), engineering processes, computer-aided engineering (CAE) tool development, ballast design, thermal management, acoustic treatments, configuration management, propulsive design, energy sources, and modular instrumentation packages. Developed Fully and Semi-autonomous Unmanned Underwater Vehicles- UUV and Remotely Operated Vehicles- ROV. One of 30 employees that grew division to over 500 employees in less than 5 years. Before that, at Florida Turbine Technologies, Alex was one of the original 10 members to start this Turbine/Propulsion engineering service company that has grown to ~200 employees. At Pratt & Whitney, Alex was an engineer who worked for the U. S. Air Force Advanced Turbine Engine Gas Generator (ATEGG) group and selected as part of the winning Lockheed Martin JSF team where he was responsible for the design and analysis of the 3rd Stage Blade/Cooled Tip Shroud as well as Turbine Exhaust Case for the two demonstrator engines.

Alex interned with NASA-AMES and received an Academic and Research scholarship to pursue vertical flight, aero acoustics, propulsion and experimental fluid dynamics. He twice won the Vertical Flight Foundation Scholarship and was the Grand Award Winner of the 41st International Science & Engineering Fair – 1990 (Mimicked dragonfly’s lift synergy with two 6 foot span scratch built remote controlled aircraft and 3 series of tests at Georgia Tech’s wind tunnel ). Alex has won numerous awards and recognitions, including the 1990 Nobel Ceremonies invitation and attendance; International Aerospace Hall of Fame invitation, appeared on CNN Headline News and Smithsonian Magazine.

Alex has a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering from Georgia-Tech and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon. Alex lives in San Francisco and enjoys flying, snowboarding and participating in triathlons.


"Succeeding at business is difficult. Starting a business from scratch is even harder."

In his 24 years with the military division of Pratt & Whitney, Tom worked directly with the US Air Force to manage several logistics and technology programs. Eventually, he was promoted to become President of Pratt & Whitney Technologies.

Upon leaving Pratt in the mid-'90s, Tom began his second career as a serial entrepreneur and founded several successful engineering firms. Tom brings integrity, business expertise, technological know-how, and passion to every project he takes on.

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