We believe we are still in the very early stages of seeing benefits of network effects. By focusing on collaborative missions, we can create transformative changes at low-cost and high speed. Joining the movement towards creating cooperative communities, iMetalx is working towards a solution for empowering better communications amongst teens. Working with experts in game design, we are passionate about designing an app, SISUROOT for instance to keep people healthy. Digital health applications are gaining acceptance for the benefits they provide for low-cost, anywhere, anytime delivery without violating privacy. Our team has experience in developing code for UX, content-management, e-commerce, CRM and SCM solutions for small-mid size businesses as well as hosting. Big data has great potential to give us unique insights.

Big data has great potential to give us unique insights. We remain interested in apps that help extract key actionable data. The desired outcome of all data visualization tools is to provide actionable insights with accurate context provided integrity of data is high. Today data visualization mainly exists in 2D format or some techniques are being used for spatiotemporal visuals using color-coding and computer graphics. Holographic images with an interactive 3D platform are being developed and tested. As the world is getting more and more interconnected and interdependent and with IoT devices data coming on board, we foresee rise in need for data visualization tools. We remain interested in exploring multidimensional visualization. Dsonix was an application developed by iMetalx with Carnegie Mellon graduates to evaluate the design of sonification of financial markets data.